We are calling for a march this Saturday to empty the island, because we are done watching New Yorkers be locked up, tortured, and enslaved by the state as a part of its white supremacist agenda. We are done watching black and brown youth like Kalief Browder detained and broken down. Done watching queer and trans folk criminalized and inevitably forced into protective custody, where they spend 23 hours a day in solitary “for their own protection”. We are done watching working class people treated as disposable. We want resources for our communities. We want an end to this form of slow genocide! We want Rikers and all prisons dismantled!

On any given day, there are 14,000 people contained at Rikers. Everyone has a stake in this. Together we can shut it down! ‪#‎PowertothePeople‬‪#‎Abolish‬ ‪#‎Decarcerate‬ ‪#‎Liberate‬ ‪#‎Reparate‬


6/27 March to shut down Rikers!

March to shut down Rikers Island on Saturday June 27.

Gather at 3 p.m. across the bridge from the jail complex, at 19th Av and Hazen St, Queens.

We demand JUSTICE FOR KALIEF BROWDER, who suffered at the hands of Corrections Officers like so many others at Rikers,

We demand the city immediately STOP JAILING MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE and fund mental health services instead,

We demand QUALITY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES and healthcare to those currently incarcerated,

We REJECT Mayor de Blasio’s 14-point plan for “reform” at Rikers. We will not accept any more limitations on visits and criminalization of our families.

On Saturday June 27 march on Rikers Island with us, to demand an END TO THE RACIST PRISON SYSTEM and IN MEMORY OF THE FALLEN. We will not be silent.

RSVP on Facebook  #ResistRikers #KaliefBrowder #Justice4Kalief #EyesOnRikers #BlackLivesMatter

Bring noisemakers, banners, friends and family. Spread the word and contact us to get involved with outreach and planning.

Rikers Action Committee

Sunday: Community Control for Rikers

Last Saturday we had an amazing show of force on a rainy day at Rikers Island! We denounced the proposed Enhanced Supervision Housing Unit (E.S.H.U) in addition to our demands for an end to youth incarceration, incarceration of mentally ill people, and solitary confinement.

On Sunday of this coming weekend, we will have the launch meeting for a Rikers Island Community Review Board. This project will seek to create community power over NYC jails and build a structure to autonomously process grievances from incarcerated people and their loved ones.

In light of the call for the March of Millions on Saturday, we will hold the meeting on Sunday, December 14, 4:00pm- 6:00pm
at Project Reach, 39 Eldridge St (4th Floor) in Manhattan.

Please take a moment to RSVP on Facebook and Invite Friends! Everyone is welcome, and there will be more opportunities to get involved if you cannot make it on Sunday.

Love and solidarity,

Rikers Action Commmittee

We #ResistRikers Saturday December 6

resist rikers demo


Meet in front of the Rikers Sign, 19th Av & Hazen St, Queens (take the Q100 bus from Long Island City) Mass rally at the gates of Rikers Island until the walls shake! Family and friends of incarcerated people speak out with demands.


NO Solitary confinement

NO Youth Detention Mental Observation

NO Enhanced Supervision Housing Unit (ESHU)

We reject the DOC’s proposed plan for ESHU as it unfairly punishes people who can be arbitrarily deemed violent, it has no protection for mentally-ill people and offers no recourse to leave the unit. Commissioner Ponte and Mayor DeBlasio, we will not allow you to sweep us under the rug or lock us away in a new unit.

We stand with the people of #Ferguson

RSVP ON FACEBOOK and Invite Friends!

Photo courtesy of Joanie

Open Organizing Meeting Tonight, Tuesday 11/18

Saturday’s #ResistRikers action was a huge success! Thanks to everybody for coming out!

Please come to the organizing meeting tonight, (Tuesday November 18) from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Project Reach, 39 Eldridge St (4th Floor) in Chinatown between Hester and Canal. We hope to expand our outreach efforts and strategize next steps with a strong and inclusive network.

If you haven’t already, check out some of the media from Saturday’s rally and please share any additional coverage you find online!

Today We #ResistRikers


Bring your voice, your banners, your friends and your family. All are invited and encouraged to speak out about their experiences. We stand with the people incarcerated at Rikers, we are their friends and their families, we will not forget them.

Meet at 3:00pm outside the Rikers sign at the corner of 19th Av & Hazen St, the best way to get there is take the Q100 bus from Queens Plaza (E-M-R) or the 21 ST Queensbridge (F)  (see the Q100 route:

Take a moment to RSVP on Facebook and invite all your friends!

We do not have a legal permit for this action, but we are committed to making it a safe space for all to participate. We have had several demonstrations there in the past, and had no problems with officers. The next demo at Rikers will be Saturday December 6, so mark your calendars.



#ResistRikers this week

NO to solitary confinement
NO to youth detention
NO to jailing mentally-ill people
NO to collaboration with ICE
NO to early lockdown
NO to officer abuse
NO to medical neglect


Banner-Making Party WEDNESDAY 7pm-10pm
at Project Reach, 39 Eldridge St, 4th Floor (between Hester St & Canal St) Manhattan
We will have ample supplies to make banners and signs for Saturday’s action – bring your talents, friends and any extra art stuff!

Day of Mass Outreach FRIDAY 8am-12pm
at Queens Plaza and on the Q100 Rikers Express Bus (meet at Jackson Av & 42 Rd)
Flyer with us along the Q100 and engage people going to visit loved ones at Rikers.

#ResistRikers Rally Against Solitary Confinement and Youth Detention SATURDAY 3pm-5pm
Meet in front of the Rikers Sign, 19th Av & Hazen St, Queens

Mass rally at the gates of Rikers Island until the walls shake! Family and friends of incarcerated people speak out with demands.

Since our last rally, 3 top officials at Rikers have been forced to resign. And in this time we have been in the streets flyering and talking to people about the ways that mass incarceration affects our lives and harms our communities. We had over fifty people at our last rally, and we all pledged to bring at least three friends out to the next action.
This rally we will be hundreds and our next we will be thousands – we need you in this movement to continue the Ferguson October and resist mass incarceration.